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PaddleDaddy - the best in kink toys and dungeon furniture!

Do you want your erotic play to reach the next level in fantasy fulfillment? Do you need to reinforce your dominance? Does your body yearn for a thorough paddling? Want to feel exquisitely intense pain in an orgasmic frenzy of lust? Want to experience the one fantasy you never told anybody about?

If so, you have come to the right place.

At PaddleDaddy, we bring dominance and submission toys to a whole new level. Whether we’re working with wood, leather, plastic, or steel, we aim to produce the highest amount of beauty and functionality possible with each toy that is created. Our goal is to provide kinky toys that are aesthetically pleasing, reliable, functional, and safe. Each piece of BDSM gear you see on this website was made by PaddleDaddy himself (the only exceptions being a few hardware items). No other employees, nor outsourcing companies, create the work you find here. It is all done by the hands of one man alone.

Our dominance and submission items include top of the line options for impact play, cock/ball play, restraint, enema play, and dungeon furniture. All of our product designs are tested by experienced BDSM players to ensure they meet our high standards of excellence. We offer the best in Paddles, Slappers, Leashes, Collars, Ball Crushers, and other kink toys.

The PaddleDaddy web-dungeon before you has been created to allow for the easiest navigation possible. Categories up at the top will lead you to the destination you seek.

PaddleDaddy is also available to do custom designs. For any questions, or to place an order, we can be reached by telephone at 541-661-6299 (weekdays between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm Pacific Time) or via email by hitting the “Contact Us” link.

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