At PaddleDaddy we make high quality BDSM equipment available to everyone. Whether you’ve been in the dungeon scene for years, or are experimenting after reading "50 Shades of Grey", we have a broad range of handmade toys that run the range from lightly stimulating to extremely intense.

At PaddleDaddy it is our aim to produce the highest amount of quality and functionality possible with each toy that is created and we are very proficient in working in materials such as imported and domestic hardwoods, leather, neoprene, plastics, aluminum and steel. Our goal is to provide kinky toys that are aesthetically pleasing, reliable, functional, and safe. Our products include top of the line options for impact play, cock/ball play, restraint, enema/cleanout, and dungeon furniture. All of our product designs are tested by experienced BDSM players to ensure they meet our high standards of excellence. We offer the best in Paddles, Slappers, Ball Crushers, Leather Slings, and other kink toys.

PaddleDaddy brings his many years of experience in furniture design and building to his Dungeon Furniture. Whether you choose a stock design, modify a stock design, provide your own design, or work collaboratively with PaddleDaddy to create a new design, each piece is made with a focus on fit and functionality, not only to your personal needs but to the requirements of the space you will be playing in.

We also sell Industrial Strength Portable Play Equipment made by Jim Support. These products have been carefully hand-selected and tested by PaddleDaddy and chosen because their maker shares PaddleDaddy's dedication to functionality, safety, and quality construction. PaddleDaddy is also available to do custom designs. For any questions or to place an order, we can be reached by telephone at 541-661-6299 (weekdays between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm Pacific Time) or via email by hitting the “Contact Us” link.

Please remember to play safe, sane, and consensually.

Al Waddell PaddleDaddy.com


Whether I'm working with wood, leather, plastic, or steel, I believe every piece of BDSM gear I make should be functional and beautiful at the same time. My Paddle, Slappers, Slings, Leashes, Collars, Ball Crushers, and Dungeon Furniture are all handcrafted in my shop using the finest materials possible. Product designs are constantly tested by experienced S/M players to ensure that you will get the most value and enjoyment out of Paddle Daddy BDSM Gear.

Every piece of BDSM gear you see in this website is made by PaddleDaddy himself. The only exception to this are the Porta-Sling Stand, the Spanking/Fisting Bench, and a few hardware items. No employees, no slaves chained to workbenches, no outsourcing to China or Pakistan, just one man doing what he likes best... working with his hands.