Portable Play Furniture

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PaddleDaddy makes strong, durable, and functional leather slings. Great to hang from the ceiling at home for those long, enjoyable play sessions.

Can't hang a sling from your ceiling or want to be able to take your sling to a party or on a trip? No problem! PaddleDaddy sells the best portable sling stand available. Quick to assemble, sturdy, and built to last a lifetime, the Porta-Sling Stand is not made by PaddleDaddy, but it is the portable sling stand he uses on a regular basis and he considers it to be the finest available.

The same company that makes the Porta-Sling Stand also makes the Spanking/Fisting/Fucking Bench and the rim seats. Same quality construction, easy assembly, and attention to functional design as the Porta-Sling Stand.

You won't go wrong with any of these products, and shipping is free to all 50 States in the USA.